About Me

My name is Jasper Fawcett, and I am a {{age}} year old Law Student at the University of Otago.

Personal Information

Aside from studying Law & Psychology at Otago, I am also an avid reader, tramper, guitar player, and designer. I love meeting new people, working hard, and learning new things.

Curriculum Vitae

Click here, or on the icon above to view and download my CV. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Legal Research

Otago University Law requires students to complete independent legal research assignments. To view and download my work, click on the icon above or follow this link.

Freelance Web Design

Over the years, I have worked as a web designer for several small, local businesses.
Below are a few examples - if you'd like a website made, please get in touch!

Snowline Safaris Ltd

Local Hunter and Pilot Mark Cotton got in touch with me, looking for a website to promote his hunting and fishing trips. I worked closely with him to build a clean, simple and responsive logo and site. I also helped Mark grow the online presence of his company using Google Business and several other methods.

Taylor Property Ltd

After having worked for Taylor Property Management and Maintenance over several summers, Gary asked if I could help him rebrand his business and increase its online presence. I developed a new, uncluttered logo for him, and a simple, informative site for prospective clients to visit.

Fingerstyle Guitar Player

I've played guitar since I was a child. I started with a cheap, classical guitar - but like every kid, wanted to play an electric guitar in a rock band! I did just that, throughout my time at high school. During my last few years of school, I discovered acoustic fingerstyle on Youtube. Learning from videos of the likes of Sungha Jung, I learned a vast number of popular fingerstyle songs, which are able to be played without any vocals required. These have proved a huge hit busking, or playing live background music at various events. Use the links to the right to see some of my work!

Links to my Music

A selection of my fingerstyle pieces (some covers, some original arrangements) are available to watch on Youtube. More are available to listen to, and download, on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

Contact Me

Get in touch directly, or use the links to my various proiles.